Writing Skills – 5 Ways to Effectively Present Yourself With Words

Printed words intimidate the most fluent speaker. Redundant as the concept may be, a speaker who must present himself with words on paper often steps back from the podium and takes a double look. Who wants to write it down?

But, sometimes you must write.

When those times smack you in the rump, these tips should help you get the most from your words.

1. Write in your own voice.

Nothing bores more than reading a writer who isn’t sure who’s speaking. I don’t mind seeing the word *I* if it means something. Give me substance I can relate to and information that means something to YOU too. I don’t need a scientific report, and if I do, I can find that research too. Get personal, use your own voice to present your message.

2. Use action words and phrases.

They’re called verbs. USE them. Motivate your reader with action words that tell what you want to say and give them a shove into action. Spot is running may tell you what he did, but who cares, we want to know more… Spot ran home. There’s information. Brad broke the bank tells you more about Brad than Brad is broke. Escape bland and boring – USE VERBS.

3. Cut the jargon.

You might make your point with specific targeted individuals using jargon, but the rest of the readers will be sitting back wondering what you were talking about. If the only person who will understand your article has a Doctorate Degree in Rocket Science, you’ll only have one reader. If you want more readers, write for that audience.

4. Get to the point.

If you can say it in one paragraph, do so. Don’t waste your readers time, there’s precious little of it to waste, and you can’t replace it. Stop going around the topic and state your cause. Get to the POINT.

5. Have some fun.

Enjoy the process of telling the story by including quips, memories, and tales of events in your story. Your memories and experiences can mean big benefit for your readers when they show your point in vivid color. If sharing the story means your reader can laugh and learn from your experience, share it.

Are you ready to write your way to prominence and success?