Valentine’s Chocolate – A Heartwarming Present to Melt Her Heart

There is no sweeter gift than a Valentine’s Chocolate! It has already been confirmed by many couples that it is the Valentine’s chocolate that turns the mood from romantic to sensual. Once the taste buds of the tongue sense the sweetness of the chocolate melting inside the mouth, it sends signals to the brain.

The brain, not only processes the information and identifies it as chocolate, but would also try to locate those happy romantic memories you had with the one who gave you that chocolate. Thus, when eating chocolate, you cannot help but smile and remember those happy times. Furthermore, this is the very reason why many people lavishly eat chocolate when they get depressed.

Chocolate is one of the sought after presents for Valentine’s Day. The giving of chocolate as gift can be traced back even to the days of the Aztecs. The Aztecs believed that in chocolate, they could obtain spiritual wisdom, superb energy and highly increased sexual performance. They usually served chocolate at wedding ceremonies.

Because they did not have the knowledge about the making of chocolate in those days, they served cocoa as a drink. It has been said that the Emperor Montezuma was greatly addicted to it, and that he lavishly consumed the drink everyday. According to the accounts of the Spanish explorer Cortes, chocolate is a “divine drink” that builds up resistance to combat fatigue, enabling you to walk the whole day without food- just chocolate.

Since the earliest times, chocolate has been believed to be a substance of power that generates vitality. Even the scientific name of the plant – Theobroma Cacao is Greek for “food of the gods”.

The establishment of Valentine’s Day in 496 A.D. by Pope Galasius I, the 14th day of every February served as the specific day when lovers express their love for one another. This has been traditionally expressed through giving romantic gifts to one another. Hence, the need for Valentine chocolate began. There has been an ever increasing need for Valentine’s chocolate in the market. As the demand increases, the production of most quality Valentine’s chocolate has been in an ever competitive way. They get better and better each year. They vary from taste, texture, color, smell, shape, and even presentation. Most Valentine’s chocolates come to you inside fancy, mostly heart-shaped boxes.

Chocolate induces in us the feelings of passion, romance, and love. That is why it is greatly loved by women. In fact, in a study conducted on the attitude of women toward chocolate and why women need chocolate, 97% of women reported cravings. While the 50% of the women would prefer chocolate over sex, 22% prefer chocolate to set the mood.

This Valentine’s day, as I always do every year, I am going to order the most mouth-watering, lusciously made Valentine’s chocolate for my beloved. I just cannot wait to see how pleased she will get when I deliver to her the very yummy Valentine’s chocolate, stylishly arranged inside a beautifully crafted heart-shaped box. To make it more romantic I may just hide a piece of jewelry inside the box of chocolate. I just cannot help but imagine how sensual the scenes that follow will get. Valentine’s chocolate is just simply amazing!