How to Be a Nietzsche Uberman – Living Life in the Present

We all have worries, and most of our worries stem from the past, or the future. We worry about things even when they may not be true, and may never be true. Conditioning our minds to think in the present moment will allow us to eliminate negative feelings.

A Nietzsche Uberman is someone who questions the supposed truths of their lives. To stress about what may have been true, or what may come true is not emotionally productive. Of course life brings unavoidable conflicts that we must deal with. However, to dwell about the future will not be productive for our mental well-being. For example, if I thought I was going to get fired from my job, I could make the necessary steps to get a new job. However, to go home in the evening and constantly worry about it would be unproductive, and unnecessary. Although it may not seem possible, we can control our thoughts, and enjoy the present moment.

You may still be wondering why this concept has anything to do with being a Nietzsche Uberman. Well, Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who questioned the value and objectivity of truth. When we are convinced, in our minds, that something is true it doesn’t mean that it really is true. In the same respect, even if it is true, we should not allow this potential truth interfere with our happiness. Negative thoughts have the ability to take over our minds, but we can observe, and control our thoughts. We should do what we can, and not worry about what is out of our hands.