Beware the Positive Problem Solving Guru who Presents Negative Remarks

Problem solving is not for the weak or the faint of heart. Problem solving is not for the pessimist or negative person. Problem solving takes one with strength of character, a touch of brilliance and a can do attitude, it takes an optimist with brains. Beware the self-proclaimed problem solver who thinks problems are only solved through nicely formatted committees, with all sorts of positive comments and accolades, it simply is not so.

In fact studies have shown that committees generally cannot solve problems as fast as individuals with vision and genius can. You should beware of the self-proclaimed positive Problem Solving Guru who knows it all and you should run if this so-called guru presents Negative Remarks in order to get all the members in the group on the same page. Sometimes problem solving requires information that crosses domains and folks of a wide variety of thought.

If the groups are too congenial they miss the opportunities before them. This is why an individual can often out smart a committee, if they have an open mind and draw from a wide variety of experiences and observations in life. If the group leader cannot handle complex thought or a divergence in thinking in the group, you have the wrong moderator, group leader or guru psychologist. Dump them quick.

The goal of coming up with solutions to problems is not getting everyone to think the same. If that were the goal you do not need the group just find the person who thinks the way you do and ask them to make the decision and stop wasting everyone’s time and save the money on the self-proclaimed “uniter” consultant for hire. Think on this.